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AlJazeerah blocked for publishing Pakistan’s Bin Laden Dossier

Yesterday, on July 08, 2013, Bytes for All, Pakistan received several complaints from credible sources that a number of people living in Pakistan were unable to access prominent news website, Al-Jazeera. After verification and via our internal network, we found these complaints to be true.

Facebook’s secret censorship deal with the Pakistan government – an open letter

Islamabad, July 18, 2013: Bytes for All, Pakistan has just sent an Open Letter to Ms. Susan Morgan, Executive Director, Global Network Initiative (GNI) seeking her help and kind support to investigate the Facebook’s secret censorship deal with the Pakistan government authorities.

Cyber stalking is not as harmless as it seems

While cyber stalking is a threat that poses potential dangers, the fear of being targeted becomes a hurdle in allowing innocent users of social platforms access the internet and reap its benefits.
It is essential to recognize the dangers and prepare for them accordingly by all users of the internet, especially women, who are at a greater risk of facing harassment.