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AlJazeerah blocked for publishing Pakistan’s Bin Laden Dossier

Yesterday, on July 08, 2013, Bytes for All, Pakistan received several complaints from credible sources that a number of people living in Pakistan were unable to access prominent news website, Al-Jazeera. After verification and via our internal network, we found these complaints to be true.

Facebook’s secret censorship deal with the Pakistan government – an open letter

Islamabad, July 18, 2013: Bytes for All, Pakistan has just sent an Open Letter to Ms. Susan Morgan, Executive Director, Global Network Initiative (GNI) seeking her help and kind support to investigate the Facebook’s secret censorship deal with the Pakistan government authorities.


When you share private information online, you leave behind a trail of footprints into your life. Be absolutely sure to keep personal information truly personal when you decide to use it for account recovery purposes.

While cyber stalking is a threat that poses potential dangers, the fear of being targeted becomes a hurdle in allowing innocent users of social platforms access the internet and reap its benefits.
It is essential to recognize the dangers and prepare for them accordingly by all users of the internet, especially women, who are at a greater risk of facing harassment.

Violence against women over the internet is as rampant as it is offline. But you can play a role in isolating it into oblivion by recognizing its various forms and speaking up against it.
Remember that allowing abuse to flourish can take away your fundamental right to access the internet and reap its unlimited benefits for personal, social and professional progress.

Misuse of your personal data is an abuse. Invest time in learning about digital security. Reclaim safe virtual spaces and your right to express!

Blocking channels of communication is terrorism itself.

Free internet platforms for education, awareness and entertainment are what people turn to when their governments fail to provide them the infrastructure and safe spaces to develop into healthy minded individuals capable of contributing positively to the nation’s progress.
But what happens when the governments start restricting the internet as well?

Access Is My Right campaign is a call for a larger human rights movement in the country and the citizens to fight ongoing censorship as it will further take its toll on already compromised civil liberties in the country.
We invite all individuals and organizations, who have been affected by online censorship, or are against the idea of Internet and communications bans to join the movement and protest by sharing the campaign visuals over the Internet as much as they can.

Take a stand against red tape of oppression and censorship. It is against very foundation of democracy!

Surveillance technologies such as FinFisher curb freedom of expression, are anti-democracy, and infringe upon civil liberties.